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Joliet Real Estate Lawyer

Why should you hire a real estate lawyer?

Whether you are purchasing your first home or are a seasoned real estate investor, you have much to gain by placing your case in the competent hands of The Law Office of Al Beaudreau Ltd. We have been in practice since 1994, and have handled more than 7,000 transactions for our clients.

We focus on sales and transactions for commercial and residential properties and apply our extensive experience in this field to help clients of varying financial resources, needs and concerns. There are a number of ways that a competent real estate lawyer can help with your sale or purchase in the Joliet area.

This may include:

  • Preparing and/or reviewing the purchase contract
  • Negotiating any modifications of the purchase contract to suit your needs
  • Reviewing the title insurance commitment, mortgage commitment and financing arrangement
  • Reviewing the home inspection report and zoning
  • Preparing the seller's deed, power of attorney or related legal documents
  • Providing advice and information regarding tax consequences of the sale or purchase
  • Representing the client at settlement

All of these services combine to help a buyer or seller in a commercial or residential real estate transaction make the right choices and reach the best possible result in the shortest amount of time possible, without the headache and stress of improperly prepared paperwork or a transaction that is not legally binding or has a key issue missing. In all, the right legal counsel can take away much of the hassle and stress that is so often associated with real estate matters.

About Joliet, Illinois

Located about 40 miles outside of Southwest Chicago, Joliet is the fourth most populated city in the state of Illinois with a population of 147,433 at the last census. It is Illinois' fastest growing city at present and has boomed as a suburb of Chicago. Joliet is partially in Will County and partially in Kendall County and is considered a historical town. The city is a total of 62.77 miles and is considered the 162nd most populated city in the United States.

As one of the largest and most populated locations in Illinois, there are many real estate transactions in the city of Joliet. Men and women are constantly selling and buying their properties in an effort to move around the city. Many people are constantly moving into the city to boost its population and enjoy the luxuries of living so close to the large city of Chicago. Houses currently sell for a median price of $252,754 in Joliet and asked rent at present rests at the median of $819. There are approximately 38,182 houses in the city of Joliet and 70% of them have been purchased by their occupants.

30% of the homes in Joliet are rented out to others. This can often create landlord and tenant issues which need to be resolved. Many of the homes in Joliet were built before 1939, making it a town with much history. Unfortunately, older houses often have defects such as dangerous lead paints, leaks, rotting foundations, or other concerns.

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