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Looking to complete a commercial or residential real estate transaction in Naperville? Call a lawyer at our law firm to find out how we can provide you with experienced counsel in this important endeavor. Real estate sales and purchases, whether straight transactions or those involving short sales, foreclosures or other increasingly complex matters, should be addressed properly in order to ensure they are legally sound and to prevent any future issues that may affect a buyer or seller. The professional legal representation and personalized client service our law firm provides is aimed to make the process as advantageous and stress-free as possible.

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At the Law Office of Al Beaudreau, Ltd. we help residential and commercial buyers and sellers in Naperville and throughout the surrounding areas in Illinois. With a history of more than 7,000 real estate transactions handled for our clients in our more than 20 years of practice, we have the experience it takes to know the right approach for our clients, regardless of their particular needs and concerns.

The guidance and representation of a real estate lawyer should never be underestimated in these complex transactions. The financial and legal implications they may have on you now and well into the future may be significant; having an attorney to properly handle all the paperwork involved while protecting your rights and forwarding your financial concerns can make all the difference in the speed and ease with which your transaction is handled.

Real Estate in Naperville, IL

In this opulent community, homes are expensive and people live luxuriously. According to City-Data, there are approximately 45,584 homes in Naperville and 80% are owned by their occupants. 20% of the residents in Naperville rent their homes, which can often lead to landlord/tenant tensions. If you are dealing with any sort of difficulty with payments or are worried about an eviction from a landlord, then you have the right to hire a real estate lawyer to help you sort through the problem. In Naperville, the median rent for a vacant for-rent unit is $1,297 per month.

This is a cost that many people cannot afford and this can lead to complications with landlords. The median price for a home in Naperville is $253,754 but some of the homes can rise in price depending on the housing market and the size of the property. A detached house in Naperville costs a mean price of $433,047 and townhouses cost a mean of $255,150. The US Census of 2010 reports that there are 126,309 households in the city of Naperville. There are 36,808 households where parents are married with children, but there are also a variety of non-traditional families who have chosen to settle in the area.

The homes in Naperville have a median of 8 rooms and most of the apartments have a median of 3.8 rooms. When the data is laid out on a chart, the statistics show that there are a significant amount of homes that have over nine rooms in the house. Most homes have four bedrooms. Most of the homes in Naperville are new, which means that they typically have less defects and deterioration. Yet there are still things that can go wrong with these homes. If there are add-ons without permission, property breaches, or contract breaches, then you may still want to contact our firm to help you work through the details. Contact the Law Office of Al Beaudreau, Ltd. today for more information!

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