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With an Oak Lawn lawyer who is experienced and dedicated to providing personal attention through your transaction, you have the opportunity to complete your sale or purchase with the least amount of stress and greatest amount of financial gain. You may be a first time buyer, may be interested in real estate investment or may wish to sell your company's property for a profit. Regardless of your particular needs or whether you are dealing with a residential or commercial transaction in the Oak Lawn area, we at the Law Office of Al Beaudreau, Ltd. can help.

Our law firm focuses on sales and purchases for commercial and residential buyers and sellers. We have handled in excess of 7,000 transactions through the years and are ready to put our extensive experience to work for you. Since 1994, our firm has provided our clients with the personal attention we believe they deserve at every stage of their transaction. We are ready to help with short sales, foreclosure purchases, new construction, vacant land and more.

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Though real estate transactions are notoriously complex and drawn out, they do not have to be. An attorney experienced with sale and purchase contracts and negotiations for properties in the Oak Lawn area can take the right initial approach, taking preventative measures to help you avoid any issues in the first place.

Should any matter arise that needs to be addressed, your lawyer will be ready to take action and seek a swift result while protecting your financial interests and legal rights. While your lawyer handles every aspect of your transaction, you can rest easy and experience a less stressful sale or purchase.

Real Estate in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Oak Lawn is an 8.59 square mile city that is located in Illinois. According to the 2000 census, there were 55,245 people living in this tiny town. Oak Lawn is considered a suburb of Chicago and it is the original hometown of celebrities such as Dwayne Wade and Kanye West. In Oak Lawn, there are 22,912 houses. 22,276 of these homes are currently occupied. Most of the homes (18,449) are occupied by owners who have purchased the home and are currently paying the mortgage on the property. 3,827 homes are being rented to tenants, which means that only 17% of the homes in that are used for renting instead of occupying. At present, the median price for a vacant-for-sale house or condo is $252,754. The median rent in Oak Lawn, Illinois is $882.

Detached houses in Oak Lawn have a mean cost of $280,875 and townhouses go for about $221,098. According to City-Data, there are 54,901 households in the city of Oak Lawns, and 46,575 of those homes are made up of a traditional family. Homes in Oak Lawn have a median number of 5.9 rooms and the apartments have a median number of 4.1 rooms. Most of the homes in the area have three bedrooms and were built between 2000 and 2004. Because these apartments are relatively new, they are typically in good shape.

They need to be able to withstand the weather conditions that are possible in Oak Lawn, including chilly winters, snow activity, and tornadoes. There are a significant amount of natural disasters in Illinois, and the potential for a natural disaster in this location is greater than the U.S. average. Houses need to be built to weather the storms, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes that may hit at any moment.

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