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Having Your Property Surveyed? Avoid Common Pitfalls With Attorney Al On Your Side

Information About Property Surveys

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One cannot be too informed when it comes to buying a piece of property, that's why it is highly recommended for a potential buyer to have his or her property surveyed before finalizing the purchase of the property. While a property survey is not required to obtain title insurance to legally establish your claim on the piece of property you've just obtained, a proper documented property survey will immensely strengthen your case should a property dispute arise.

A property survey will also establish the extent of your property and cement your ownership of any trees, fences, or other elements that fall within the boundaries of your land. Without clearly establishing and documenting the boundaries of your land, you leave open the possibility that a neighbor or other outside party may lay claim to a portion of your property. If you have just purchased or are considering purchasing a piece of property and would like to know more about the benefits of having your land surveyed, you should speak to a Illinois real estate attorney without delay.

Differences Between Property Surveys & Appraisals

It is important to understand the difference between an appraisal and a survey. While an appraisal assists the mortgage lender in assessing the value of the house, a survey questions the marketability of the house.

An appraisal will usually contain information about the condition of the house, its location, structural soundness, etc., while a survey will take into account the following items:

  1. Boundary lines
  2. Rights-of-way and abandoned roads
  3. Rivers, creeks, ponds, streams, wells and lakes
  4. Existing improvements
  5. Access, ingress and egress
  6. Zoning Classification

These are but a few of the things that a property survey will address, and it is highly recommended that all property owners get a property survey in order to know everything about the legal description of their property. The prices of property surveys can vary considerably, and it is wise to ask your lawyer for an estimate. The guidelines and regulations surrounding what constitutes as a legitimate survey can vary depending on the age of the survey and if you are refinancing your existing home.

Why Our Chicago Real Estate Firm Is Different

At the Law Office of Al Beaudreau, LTD. we know the importance of having your property surveyed. Our firm will walk you through the land survey process and provide guidance on how you can use the information and documentation you've obtained as a result of the survey to fortify your claim and protect yourself from any future property or title disputes.

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Other law firms do not approach real estate law with the same dedication and commitment that we strive for. In fact, unlike these other firms, we only practice real estate law. Our focused experience in real estate has shown us how to use property surveys as an effective means to protect an individual and an individual's property.

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