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Selecting an Illinois Real Estate Attorney

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If you are going to enter a real estate transaction soon, you must be aware that there is a seemingly endless supply of potential issues, complications, and legal roadblocks on the path ahead. Due to the fact that a real estate transaction concerns a particularly sizeable amount of money and the wellbeing of a family or business, the law must be closely followed and the whole process should be overseen by a professional Illinois real estate lawyer. Team up with Attorney Al Beaudreau of Law Office of Al Beaudreau, Ltd. to retain the legal support and guidance necessary to make any real estate transaction decision with foresight, insight, and confidence.

Why should you choose to work with Mr. Beaudreau and not some other real estate lawyer? Some people have come to the incorrect conclusion that all real estate attorneys provide the exact same services but for varying prices. The truth of the matter is that experience, knowledge, and know-how are priceless and unique to the lawyer you choose. When you are preparing to make one of the biggest choices you will ever face, you must be certain that you have the best legal counsel available.

Consider asking the following questions before you hire your Illinois real estate attorney of choice:

  1. How dedicated are you to real estate law?
    If you ask an attorney if they practice real estate law, you should also ask them if they only practice real estate law. The complications and intricacies of all the legislation and regulations surrounding real estate transactions are just too detailed to not be given an attorney's full attention. Find an attorney, like Mr. Beaudreau, who has dedicated the entirety of their practice to this specialized field of law.
  2. How experienced are you in real estate law?
    With the exception of the rare virtuoso, everything in life requires practice to perfect, including understanding and practicing law. Does the real estate attorney you are considering have years of experience, or are they new to the scene? Our lead attorney has more than 20 years of experience dedicated solely to real estate law, transactions, and closings.
  3. Have you handled any closings?
    Speaking of experience, knowing the law is one thing, but exercising it to good use is another thing altogether. The more closings an attorney has under his or her belt, the more likely they will be able to successfully navigate unforeseen circumstances that could crop up in your case. Attorney Beaudreau has more than 7,000 closings to his name.
  4. Are you competitively priced?
    No service is worth it if the value for the dollar is not there. If you feel like an attorney is asking for too much for their help, it could indicate either that they are inexperienced and do not know what is a fair cost, or that they think you do not know a fair price. We always do our best to keep our prices competitive and some of our services can be retained for only $175!
  5. What benefits do you bring to the table?
    You will want to work with an Illinois real estate lawyer who can help you from start to finish. This means reviewing documentation, approving contracts, calculating fair purchase amounts, and more.

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Our team at The Law Office of Al Beaudreau, Ltd. believe that we are the best choice of help and representation in real estate transactions all across Illinois, but what we think is not as important as what you think. When we put your concerns to rest and answer all of your questions, we know that you will see the value of reliable help, and that something as critical as your real estate transaction just cannot be entrusted to someone with less capability.

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